The award was established to groom an individual student towards a future career in music. The award is to provide financial assistance continuously until the particular recipient has achieved his/her goal in their field of music. The recipient should be over 10 years of age and achieved high standings in at least half of the required examinations towards his/her field of music.

Previous Winners of the Fan Po Chu Music Award


Maxwell Tong, a multiple award winner, now age 15 and in grade 10 in the IB program at Victoria Park Collegiate has completed his Grade 10 Exams at the Royal Conservatory of Music and, under the tutelage of Gloria Saarinen, is now focused on becoming a Professional Associate of the Royal Conservatory (ARCT) in the summer of 2018.


Maxwell Tong continues to receive high marks in school and in music. He is now in an International Baccalaureate high school and contributed to his school band winning the Kiwanis Festival with a high score of 90. This year's award enables him to complete his grade 10 piano at the RCM and begin preparation for the ARCT program. 

2014 -2015

Maxwell Tong is a talented thirteen year old pianist studying under Gloria Saarinen. Last summer he passed his Grade 8 piano and Advanced Theory exams with First Class Honours. The Fan Po Chu award will assist him with his private studies in preparing for his Grade 9  


Maxwell Tong, a 11 year old gifted pianist, currently studying under Gloria Saarinen, recently passed his Grade 7 piano and will be participating in the 2013 -2014 Kiwanis Festivals and the ORMTA audition and recitals in December 2013. In 2012, he won a Kiwanis Festival gold medal in duet with his sister Tonia tong.

2011 - 2012

Jack Hang, a 17 year old pianist, currently studying under Gloria Saarinen, recently won 1st place in class and 2nd overall at the 2012 Kiwanis Festival. He has passed his grade 10 piano and completed all his theory requisites for his ARCT. Jack believes in giving back to the community using his piano by accompany Dixon Hall students with their RCM exams and the choir.


Jack Hang a 15 year old pianist and Li Zhu a 14 year old pianist were joint recipients of the award. Both students study at the Dixon Hall Music School and have been achieving high honors in their Royal Conservatory exams.


Eric Tan, 16 year old pianist, who won the gold medal in theory from the Royal Conservatory of Music for receiving the highest mark in Canada.


Eric Tan, 15 year old pianist, from Dixon Hall Music School who has been studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music for the last four years. A past recipient of the Hagood Hardy Protégé Award. In 2007, Eric won first prize at the ORMTA Young Artist Provincial Final Competition and was awarded a six city solo concert tour. In 2008, he has won the overall Outstanding Performance Scholarship in the Central Toronto branch of the ORMTA Spring Senior Recital.